Declaration of Independence

"Today we the people, in particular us who may be considered Afrodescendant and indigenous, stand here to assert our human right of self-determination. Asserting such right is the only guaranteed way to end our social-economic humanitarian crisis because now we control the political decisions that can immediately change our condition for the better. We determine that the many empty properties in this city will be utilized to provide free housing ownership for all, we determine that city assets shall be leveraged to give ourselves reparations, we determine a new dispensation in which the wrongs of the past are corrected with new policies. We withdraw our consent to this system that has reduced us to mere colonized people who others feed off of. We declare our independence on the day that the founding fathers also decided that is was the only way to solve the unjust treatment that was upon their people. Like them we move away from the empty rhetoric and actions that net no results. 

Because of the human rights abuse seemingly inherent in this system under its authorities, which has us in a crisis, we intervene on our own behalf and change this situation now with our own hands. Current political leadership of this city does not represent the will of the people but instead seeks to suppress our will as they did when thousands began to gather here 3 years ago (July 4, 2018) to express our political will. They knew that we were using the power of assembly not to ask of them but to crush their selfish interest by giving authority and prosperity directly to the people. Their unlawful acts of suppression, now justify immediate dismissal and immediate direct action by the people of Detroit assisted by Human rights policy officers. 

We have established a temporary council to implement new policies such as allocating properties to the people of the city. The current officials, representing our old condition, are dismissed as we step into a new condition. Change is now as self-determination begins at this moment."