Policies for Peace & Prosperity

Sustainable policies that put The People first can easily be implemented to change socio-economic conditions for the better.



All empty properties in the city will be put to sustainable and productive use. Residents of the city will be given ownership of housing under a well monitored plan.



City assets will be leveraged and adult residents given $100,000 grants to only spend within the local economy. Detroit has over $600 billion in devalued real estate.


All nonviolent poverty-related criminal charges will be pardoned and prisoners released. Appeals and violence cases will be reviewed and reinvestigated.


Utilities will be free. For only $250 million Detroit could have free electricity forever. 267,139 Detroit households (2019) currently spend $1176 per year on electricity totaling over $314 million..


Markets will be required to sell product manufactured in Detroit if availed. Calculate $90 million plus that is spent in Detroit per week on food being added to the people's treasury. This creates 100% employment.

Citizen ownership

Ownership share certificates are being given to each resident as The People are truly the owners of the city corporation. Residents immediately become millionaire owners of their multi-trillion dollar city corporation.