Oppression is only allowed by people who do not know that they are the political power.

Political Guidance

Ramzu Yunus and Human Rights Policy Officers are only trustees helping the people to assert their right of self-determination and establish new leadership. Since the illegitimate government is engaged in a defamation campaign against Ramzu Yunus, we feel it is necessary to provide a brief profile of him. You can quickly see that his experience is much greater than current officials and intent surely more noble. 
Leaders Who Empower
Ramzu Yunus is seen in these pics with the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. These two leaders gave their people trillions of dollars worth of housing and land for FREE. Ramzu Yunus worked with them and their governments and has brought the same intent of empowering The People to Detroit.

Financial Experience

In these pictures you see Ramzu Yunus discussing and strategizing financial programs with Venezuela's Minister of Finance Ali Rodriguez You also see Ramzu Yunus in one picture at one of the petroleum outlets he established in Zimbabwe to help alleviate the fuel crisis that was crippling the nation. Ramzu designed multi-billion dollar programs for different countries to help form self-sustainable economies.

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Economic, Social & Cultural

Ramzu empowered rap cultural icon Lil' Boosie with a gold mine from Zimbabwe. Understanding that cultural development is part of self-determination, comrade Ramzu strives to influence cultural leaders upon the path of economic empowerment for the entire community.